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Pet Haven Pet Cemetery specializes in  individual burials.  Pet owners choosing this option are escorted
through the grounds to help select a burial location, and are granted the use of a viewing room. The pet
owner is then shown a variety of affordable caskets and monuments.  

Appropriate arrangements for the date and time of the burial are made with the help of our
compassionate and professional staff.  

At our cemetery, the owner is the only one handling your family member from start to finish. You can
always be in contact with him or her.

In order to accommodate those who wish cremation as an alternative to burial, we maintain a state of the
art pet crematory on the cemetery grounds.  We offer private or communal cremation services. Private
cremation means that your pet will be kept separate from other animals at all times, and that the cremains
will be provided to you within 24 hours. In a communal cremation, your pet is cremated in a group
setting with other pets.  This option maintains a high level of dignity at a modest cost.  

Families are welcome to be present for their cremations. We pick up from the home or veterinary
hospital and deliver to you. You may surround your pet with familiar items from your home such as toys,
blankets and flowers.

Memorial Services
We have a small chapel for memorial services.

Urn Garden Burial Grounds
We have encapsulated burial vaults for Urns at the cemetery.

Pre-Need Plots
We encourage pet owners to visit the cemetery in advance and plan every detail so they can be certain
that their pet will receive the kind of final tribute they wish.  All selections made in advance may be paid
on an installment plan at no extra charge.

Perpetual Care Fund
Required maintenance payments may be made annually or by making a one time payment to the
perpetual care fund.  The fund ensures the cemetery's existence for eternity.

Pickup Service/Pet Transportation--ANYWHERE
Transportation services are offered for Nationwide and Worldwide travel needs.  Your family member
will be carefully transported anywhere.  Special requests are granted, even preferred.  Your special
requirements will be strictly adhered to while your pet is lovingly transported to his or her new home.

Keep in mind

We have pets, and
have lost pets, too.  
We understand what
it feels like to lose a
member of the family
who provided a
lifetime of love.  We
will treat your pet
like our own,
following your
instructions, of
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