Pet Haven

A Full-Service Pet Cemetery
Same Day Cremations and Pet Burials
Memorial Products
Located in New York City; Serving all of the Tristate Area

Pet Haven Pet Cemetery and Crematory was founded in 1948.  We are a locally
owned and operated cemetery.

Pet Haven is also a charter member of the International Association of Pet
Cemeteries, an organization that requires professional ethics and practices of Pet
Cemeteries throughout the world.

Our Mission
Pets are our joy, our
comfort, our
companions, and so
much more.  
With their passing,
our love and
attachment is
expressed with as
much sorrow and
grief as with any
other family member.  
It is with love that
we wish to prepare a
final resting place
for our pets.  Pet
Haven Cemetery is
able to offer your
pet that final resting
Let the caring staff
at Pet Haven
Cemetery provide you
with the services
that your pet
Family owned and operated since 1948    -   Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week   -   917 608 9729
East End Avenue  -  New York